What about Valley Gives Day?

If you haven’t heard, Valley Gives ended after the 2018 campaign. That has left a hole in midyear fundraising for many organizations. This challenge of high expenses and low income in the spring is all too familiar in both the nonprofit world and in agriculture. Valley Grows Day was inspired by Valley Gives Day, and is taking a low-tech and collaborative approach to replacing it for a small group of community-based organizations.

Why this group of partners?

This collaborative giving day was organized in April to support local organizations in the Pioneer Valley with a deep commitment to food access and a strong connection to the land. The five participating organizations operate in different communities and manifest their missions in diverse ways, but we have much in common. We are all working in concrete ways to create a fair and sustainable local food system from farm to fork. We are aware that regional organizations, emergency food providers, and many others whose missions overlap with ours are not included. If the effort succeeds, we hope to broaden participation in the future.



What about match and prizes?

Some organizations have match commitments from their own donors and business supporters. We are also seeking a $5,000 commitment from local businesses that will match the first $1,000 raised by each partner. Your gift will go a long way! We opted not to focus on prizes in order to emphasize the collaborative spirit of the project in its first year.

What are your goals?

Each organization has its own goal for Valley Grows Day that will be promoted on the campaign site. Combined, these total a collective goal for the day of $31,600.



Should I give to the organizations I already support or to new ones?

BOTH! All of us are counting on support from our regular donors, but we encourage them to learn about and support the work of other participants. No matter the size, your gift will make a meaningful difference.

Can I give early?

YES! We want to build as much excitement as possible and encourage you to give on May 30 if possible. However, if it’s more convenient for you to give in advance, please indicate that your gift(s) is intended to contribute to the Valley Grows Day initiative so that we can keep track of our overall progress. This can typically be done through the giving platform.